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1-26 Association Merchandise.

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To order, or for further information contact the Merchandise Manager.
Please make all checks payable in US funds to The 1-26 Association.

$8.00 Flat-Rate Shipping per order.

1-26 Pins - $10.00
Orange center with a 1-26 outlined in gold or silver. Please specify.

1-26 Restoration Manual - $23.00
This manual covers the restoration process from beginning to end based on the experiences of TSA members who have collectively restored five 1-26s over the years. This manual is not just for someone restoring their 1-26. It also has lots of tips for the person who wants to improve the looks, quietness and handling of their ship. There are lots of “Why didn’t I think of that” things in this manual. It includes some factory drawings lots of photographs and a Schweizer Publication Index for Sailplanes. It’s written by Kevin Renshaw and edited by Mark Keene and is a good compliment to “Wing Tips”.

Wing Tips - $12.60
The care and feeding of the 1-26. A collection of maintenance and repair articles which have appeared in the 1-26 Newsletter. Put together in a 3 ring binder. Symbolically underpriced.

1-26 Cloth Patch - $5.00
3 inch round patch of the 1-26 Association Logo. Embroidered in red, white and blue.

1-26 Glide Calculators - $23.00
The all metal SPN-1 Glide Calculator made specifically for the 1-26. It's simple enough to use one handed. Rugged enough to store almost anywhere in the cockpit.

Bucket Hats - $15.95
Bucket Hats Available in white or kaki. Small / Medium or Large / Extra Large.

1-26 Goodies From Other Sources

Available from the SSA and Cumulus Soaring
Ballad of Jim Crisp REAL MEN LAND OUT
"I had the pleasure of reading Dan Bryan's new soaring book REAL MEN LAND OUT this past week. He sent me a copy and I told him I would read it and write a short review for the newsletter. There are probably two really good books out about flying the 1-26. One is of course the AFTER SOLO. collection of stories that I have read at least 10 times and the other is Real Men Land Out. Dan has captured a type of pilot that many of the 1-26 group is made up of. His adventures and mis - adventures are humorous and although I have never met him I feel like I know his soaring life history now.

Dan hasn't set any records or won any contests but you can tell from reading his book that he is a die hard 1-26 pilot. From cracking the canopy with his head to buying and rebuilding 1-26s and dealing with the problems of getting a crew you can really relate to his dilemmas. He is a very meticulous pilot in that he studies everything before actually trying it. I was really cracking up about every time he starts a new project or goal he studies every written word on it before actually doing it. His flights are entertaining and you find yourself rooting for him on his silver badge attempts.

This book is a good start up for a new adult soaring pilot and will answer many questions and give a great explanation of the badges and even has pictures of all of them.

Many names of our famous 1-26 pilots are included and a sort of special history is kept for the Association to always have now. Thanks go to Dan for his time and efforts in creating a soaring epic that doesn't just talk about flying but also all the other things that go along with Soaring."

~~~Norm Miller, President
1-26 Association

Dawn Flight available from Pyramid Media is a movie that is reported by our list of renound movie critics, to have some of the best 1-26 footage ever filmed.


1-26A (upgraded to B) #157 for sale, $6,500 (reduced)

Basic instruments, open trailer, oxygen, XC and competition ready Current annual (July, 2016), all logs and docs Max pilot weight 161 lbs (171 w/o oxygen tank)

Based in Monticello, Illinois
Contact Kevin Ford (, 217-367-9241)

Further details:
  • Fuselage completely restored and recovered in 2002
  • Vertical fin and rudder rebuilt and recovered in 2015-16
  • PZL mechanical vario with custom speed ring
  • Borgelt B-40 electric vario with audio
  • tail mounted total energy probe
  • 1942 "US Army" Kollsman altimeter
  • ICOM IC-A21 radio
  • boom mike, stick mounted PTT switch, external antenna
  • 22 cu. ft. oxygen tank with Mountain High regulator
  • C.G. towhook for ground launching (used many times)
  • adjustable rudder pedals (not standard on A/B models)
  • Doug Levy's canopy strut
  • Hooker 5-point harnesses (including crotch strap
  • tinted Lexan rear turtledeck canopy (new 2014)
  • canopy cover
  • numerous gap seals and other "enhancements"
  • Gehrlein I-beam style open trailer with many custom mods and accessories for easy 2-person rigging
History: 3 diamonds (Bobby Templin), 1-26 Champion (2005), many 1-26 records
Updated 09/24/17.

I'm putting my 1-26 SN 585 up for sale and would like my fellow 126 Association members to have first dibs.
She came out of the factory March 27 of 1974 and went straight to a club in Southern Ontario, just north of the NY border.
Over the past 13 years, she has flown out of Great Lakes Gliding Club NW of Toronto.

There are currently 1013 hours in the log.
Current logs, a journey ( and a maintenance log not used in Canada )
All noted factory SB’s & AD's are current - the only damage noted and repaired :
Sept. 1974 rt aileron repair
May 1977 left wing repair
May of 1988, horizontal stab and elevator replaced
I repainted and made minor repairs with a certified aircraft refinisher in the Spring of 2010.
She is flight ready, the Annual check is valid thru Oct. 2017
The PCAS & NANO seen on the instrument panel are not for sale …. make an offer for the Oudie !
There is also a older hand made trailer ( not run over the road in several years ), professional custom made canopy cover, a container of tools and spares…… and a boatload of memories.
Asking 10,000.00 USD

Interested parties please contact Alan Mills
a href=''>
home # 905.729.3605

Posted 04/01/17.

Please email any submittions, or updates to the Webmaster

Parts and Accessories

Wanted: Nose bowl and round rudder (parts or assembly).
Contact Vern Fueston at or call (530)842-6511
Updated 09/28/17.

Canopy Strut, designed for the 1-26. Tired of having your canopy slam shut? This is the answer.
Email Doug Levy, or call (760) 754-9383
Updated 11/30/2015.

Ensign Portable Sailplane HangersEnsign Portable Sailplane Hangers.
The Ensign Portable Hangar lets you fly in the time it takes to open the electric doors, roll your ship out and do a positive control check. At the end of a day of flying, just roll your bird into the hanger and flip the switch to close the doors. You’re ready to go home in as little as 5 minutes.
Email Ensign Portable Hangars or visit our web site
Updated 11/30/2015.

Canopy Covers:Blue Sunbrella canvas with soft backing to protect canopy from scratching. Covers turtle deck. Secured with bungies. Also available in red or white. Specify whether for A,B,C,D or E model. Call for price and shipping.
Hanley Canvas
8868 Lance Ave.
Spring Valley, CA 91977.
(619) 479-7511.
Updated 11/27/2015.

1-26 ABC oak SKIDS: Pre-curved laminated oak skids for all 1-26's. Please specify model. Matches fuselage contours. 3 to 5 plys formed and glued in jig. Made to Schweizer factory drawing. Comes undrilled so you can match your fuselage and skid plate mounting holes. Unfinished, you trim to final length.
Email Dave Stuart at
Updated 12/26/2014.

Please email any submittions, or updates to the Webmaster