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Announcing the 2nd Annual Beloit Wisconsin1-26 Regatta

Regatta Rules


On Sept. 15th, 16th and 17th 2006,  Sylvania Soaring Adventures Inc. will host a 1-26 Fun Fly Regatta that will include awards for the best scores in five different events.  These events will be:

  1. Maximum Altitude Gain from release
  2. Short Field Landing
  3. Maximum single cross country flight distance
  4. Maximum duration from a 3000 foot tow
  5. Best of Regatta (pilot/ crew/ spectator voting)

Contestants will choose the time and the day during the Regatta that they attempt each event (except the short field landing event which will take place on a designated day). Each event can be attempted as many times as the contestant wishes.  The best altitude/ time/distance of the flights will count towards the Regatta score in that event.


The requirements are that you use a Schweizer 1-26 and show proof of insurance, pilotís license, and a current flight review.  Scoring will be very easy following badge rules with barographs and cameras or GPS data loggers.  But, non secure GPS traces such as are allowed in the 1-26 Championships are also ok so long as we can import them into SeeYou or a similar program.


If you donít have a 1-26, you can sign up to rent one of our two 1-26Eís.  We will also have up to 4 barographs available for rental.


Social events will include cookouts hosted by Sylvania Soaring Adventures Inc. Primitive camping is available on the field, but we will have showers available.  Also, there are lots of hotels within 5 minutes of the airport, and many good restaurants close by. 


We will be able to handle up to 20 entrants (first come first servedÖso let us know early if you can attend), with tows for practice or just to get to know the area, starting on Sept. 14th.  There is no entry fee or cost other than to pay for your tows.  If you donít have a crew, our staff will happily assist you with assembly and disassembly, and retrievals if prior arrangements are made.  We have plenty of area for tying down your ship and trailer parking (just bring your own anchors).  Last years event was lots of fun, with very good flying weather. 


Direct any questions you have about the event to Kurt Strong at or 262-248-0470.  Regatta rules can be found at the Sylvania Soaring Adventures Inc. web site  or the 1-26 web site