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AD 97-08-06

There have been a number of questions that have arisen from this AD as it does/doesn't pertain to the SGS 1-26. This page is set aside for discussion related to the AD. if you have any comments, suggestions, or experiences pertaining to this topic, please email them to me. I will post all relevent items on this page.

Updated 04/24/97

From Lew Neyland

I expect that a lot of us have recently received the new AD 97-08-06 regarding the Louis L'Hotellier Ball and Swivel Joint Quick Connectors.

It specifically lists the Schweizer 1-26 and 2-33 as requiring compliance. I called the FAA action guy, Mr. J. Mike Kiesov and pointed out that neither glider has any of the offending connectors. He acknowledged that to be true but said "this is to cover them IF THEY HAVE BEEN FIELD MODIFIED TO INCLUDE SUCH CONNECTORS" !!!!! I asked him if we need a log book entry to certify that the aircraft has been inspected and is found to not have such connectors. He said :"NO LOG BOOK ENTRY REQUIRED".

He ended up apologizing profusely for including our aircraft, stated that he will take action to notify the SSA and the 1-26 Association that the AD does not apply. I asked if they are going to issue a correction---the answer NO! It seems that would cause major administrative problems at their office.

He also said that if any A&P/AI gave anyone a problem about the need for a log book entry at annual inspection time quote "HAVE THEM CALL ME" unquote.


From Bill Hunt

There is an AD out on the L'Hotellier Fittings. The FAA issued it as being applicable to our fine birds. I called them yesterday. I got the feeling that I was not the only 1-26er that called them. He said the critical words "If installed" were not in the AD. Apparently for us, the compliance method is to have a logbook entry to the effect that the AD does not apply. The FAA guy said a letter would be sent to the SSA.

Bill Hunt
1-26, #359

From Bill Vickland

The AD is not applicable to Schweizer. If it is not applicable, no action is required. If anyone wants to be sure they wont be hasseled they need only to have the AI enter not applicable during the next annual.

Bill V

From Charles Shaw


What is required is a reading lesson.

There --IS NOT-- a 1-26 / 2-33 AD 98-08-06.

It specifically says:
"Applicability: All quick connectors installed in, but not limited to, the following gliders and sailplanes that are not equipped with a "Uerling" sleeve or an LS-Safety sleeve:"

Then follows a list of gliders which may or may not have them. In addition there are lots of other gliders that have them that are not named.

The AD applies to the CONNECTORS wherever they are--not the GLIDERS.

I hope this may be of some help. Happy soaring.

Charles Shaw (196)