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The Chilhowee Soaring Association

Is pleased to announce the

Fifth Annual Sequatchie Ridge
Badge and Record Camp
March 5-14, 2013

Marion County Airport (APT) in Jasper, Tennessee

The Sequatchie Valley provides some of the finest post-frontal ridge soaring in the USA. For those unfamiliar with the Sequatchie, the most striking geological feature of the plateau is the Sequatchie anticline, an elongated upfold of rock into which nature has eroded an impressive valley. ... The portion of the trough within Tennessee is known as the Sequatchie Valley, the valley drained by the river of the same name. Within this 50+ mile long depression, the valley floor averages some five miles in width and lies more than one thousand feet below the height of the plateau, which is marked by sheer slopes. Although not as defined, the valley does continue south past Lookout Mountain deep into rural Alabama. When the ridge is working, the Sequatchie Valley and its southern counterpart offer the ideal location to earn that elusive Badge or Record. This year’s Badge and Record Camp is 10 days long, scheduled to maximize the potential for multiple ridge days.

In addition to excellent soaring, the camp includes evening lectures on badge and record flying on ridges, daily assistance with route planning, area checkout opportunities, and official observer services. We will be offering a discount rate at one of the nicer hotels in the area. Depending on the interest, there may be an opportunity on a rest/weather day to tour the aviation and propulsion ground test facilities at Arnold Engineering Development Center in Tullahoma, TN. Again, depending on interest, we may schedule Saturday evening at the famous Buttonwillow Church Civil War Dinner Theater in Whitwell, TN. Specific details will be promulgated over the next few months. There will be a $100 registration fee to cover extra operational expenses. All tows will be charged at Chilhowee’s normal rates. Because of anticipated demand, registration applications will need an accompanying deposit of $50. This deposit will be refunded if there is a person on the waiting list willing to take over the spot.

For more information contact Tom Snyder by phone at 423 253 3102(H), 423 453 9321(C), or by email at

Following are some of the Sequatchie Valley Records

just waiting to be broken:

National Records
3 Turn Point, Ultralight Glider, Silent 2 DU, David Stevenson, 553.68 Miles
3 Turn Point, Multiplace Open, L-23, Bill Elliot and Rand Baldwin, 325.8 Miles.

TN Records
Free Distance
Motorglider Single, Silent 2, Rick Sheppe, 119.9 Miles
Youth Open, L-33, Ira Phillips III, 55.83 Miles

Free Out and Return
Open Class/15M, LS-3, Werner Ruegger, 283.85 Miless
Motorglider Single, Silent 2, Rick Sheppe, 239.70 Miless
Youth 15M, L-33, Ira Phillips III, 121.29 Miless
Ultralight Glider, Silent 2 DU, Mike Burkhart, 124.74 Miless
Sports Class, LS-3, Werner Ruegger, 270.23 Miles

Free Three Turnpoint
Singleplace Open/15M, Ted Mavrotheris, Zuni, 328.47 Miles
Multiplace Open, Rand Baldwin and Bill Elliot, Blanik L-23, 325.8 Miles
Motorglider Single, Silent 2, Rick Sheppe, 348.89 Miles
Standard Class, Ka-6E, David Stevenson, 468.30 Miles

Out and Return Distance
Single Open/15M/Standard, PIK-20, Mitch Kebler, 300 Miles
Ultralight, Silent 2 DU. Mike Burkhart, 113.68 Miles

Up to 3 Turn Points
Single Open/Std, LS-8, Rand Baldwin, 484.17 Miles
Ultralight, Silent 2 DU, Dan Collier, 203.02 Miles
Sports, SGS 1-26, Kevin Anderson, 514.54 Miles

Altitude Gain
Dennis Holland, PIK-20, 12250'

Absolute Altitude
Peter King, Open Cirrus, 15,300'

300KM Out and Return Speed
John Bojack, LS-6, 82.4 MPH