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Arizona 1-26 Eagle Rendezvous 2015

May 14-17, 2015

As always set your calendar for the weekend after Mother's Day. Soaring begins on Thursday, May 14th, and lasts through Sunday, the 17th. There is always plenty of room in Aguila for you and your glider. As always we promise great weather and blame someone else if it is not so good. Potentially, this is the time of year for some of the greatest soaring weather of the season for Southern and Central Arizona. Cool nights and warm to very warm days along with the dry weather means very long soaring days. 5-hour flights starting early afternoon are the norm. Most flights are terminated earlier to avoid the possibility of an empty beer cooler after tying down for the day.

Most attendees will be staying at the Best Western in downtown Wickenburg. Walking distance to several restaurants plus the best Museum of the West in Arizona. Check out the museum's diorama of the WWII glider training facility at Forepaugh, AZ. Or, if you land at Forepaugh, check out this hangar.

Watch out for rattlesnakes and have the combination to the padlock in your crew vehicle.

Attendees will be expected to purchase a T-Shirt from the organizer--that's me. All tows will be from Harry Smith, owner and operator of Sampley's Field. No credit cards accepted, so bring a checkbook. Cash is accepted.

Each year we expect the stories of one or more 200-mile excursions up and down the McMullan Valley, using either the Harquahala or the Harquvar Mountains. Sometimes I think it is nice to know what I am flying over. The observatory at Harquahala Peak is always a great target for every flight.

Downwind dashes have not been in the cards for most of the events we have had here, although the potential is there to the Northeast. Leaving the valley should be done with caution, however. Staying in the valley is much safer for first-timers with a valley floor of only 2000 ft MSL (1000 ft MSL 30 miles west) and typical top of lift being over 12,000 feet. I would be unable to count the number of airstrips available, especially to the west.

Do plan on being there. I will need to get your shirt order by April 25 to insure we have the size and number of shirts you would like. I will be charging $15 for each shirt purchased.

Hope to hear from you soon. If you would like to fly here before or after The Rendezvous, that may be possible also. Tows are also available at Arizona Soaring in Maricopa and Turf Soaring near Phoenix.

We ask that the event be restricted to 1-26s only.

Bob Hurni, (190)