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2ndAnnual 1-26 Eagle Rendezvous

The famous, and now 2nd Annual, 1-26 Eagle Rendezvous was held during the 8-day period from April 29 through May 6, 2006 at Sampley Airport (28AZ) in Aguila, Arizona.


Camp participants received a short briefing on local traffic patterns and traffic frequencies prior to flight. The nearest Class B airspace is 50 nm miles away, so that is not a big deal. There is the Bagdad MOA very near, which require some awareness of activity from Luke AFB--mostly F-16s.


As with last year and at Goal Strike for the previous many, many years, the event is an opportunity to gain experience with cross-country flying, accomplish individual goals, and to fly with other 1-26 pilots in a non-pressure environment. Last year Bob Hurni, personally, flew 29 hours during the week with OLC flights ranging to nearly 200 miles. . Every 1-26 pilot is welcome.

Sad News
May 04, 2006

Bonnie & RussRuss McAnerny

On the afternoon of Wednesday May 3, Russ McAnerny was killed at Samply Field, AZ, when his 1-26 pitched up on tow, stalled, spun and crashed. Bob Hurni, Del Blomquist and Harry Baldwin are assisting the FAA in their investigation.

Samply RunwayAttached is a picture I snapped of Russ and his wife, Bonnie, Saturday evening, April 29, and one of the runway at Samply Field. Witnesses say his plane pitched up near the end of the macadam and crashed in a yard.

Russ was a retired math teacher from Phoenix. He was a long time 1-26 pilot and was signed up to fly in the Champs at Parowan this summer. He is survived by his wife, Bonnie, a son, a daughter and a grandson. He was 71 years old.


Russ & Bonnie McAnerny show off thier Contest Quilt at the 2004 Championships.I regret to inform the members of the 1-26 Association that one of our long time brothers in soaring, Russ McAnerny, lost his life in a accident during tow at Samply Field, AZ on Wed, 4 May of this week. The tow pilot was able to land safely. The accident is currently under investigation with the FAA. Bob, Del and Harry are assisting the FAA in the investigation. There have been no determinations at this time and any findings will be published by the FAA.

Russ's wife Bonnie has her family nearby since they were residents of the Phoenix area.

I first met Russ at the 2004 1-26 Championship at TSA. Even though Russ was in his 70's he had the spirit of a young man when it came to flying his gliders. Bonnie was one of the crew members that provided much of the fun at the contest with her gift/gag wine awards and wonderful smile.

Aviation is a worthy yet unforgiving pursuit. In honor and memory of Russ I would request that as this season begins we each evaluate our gliders, our skill level, and our excellence in flying.

Norm Miller

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