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Arizona 1-26 Eagle Rendezvous

Updated 05/09/05

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Photos by Bob Hurni
An Arizona Tornado

Photos by Jo Shaw
000P5020001shard Departing Hobbs at sunrise Departing Hobbs at sunrise Bob Hurni & Big Mama Bob Hurni at Big Mammas Harry Smith & the Pawnee 196 at Aguila Hurni's 190 on trailer Del's 144 tied down Bob von Hellens' 244 & 574 tied down Group assembling 190 Group assembling 190 Harry Baldwin holding 190's wing Group assembling 190 Group assembling 190 190 assembled Bonney & Russ McAnerny with Charles Shaw The two Bobs Del & Dave Bob von Helens & the Eagle Award Task Master (Bob Hurni) Russ McAnerny & Bob von Helens Harry Baldwinb & Bonnie McAnnerny Dave & Del Bob Hurni tasking Harry Smith Charles Shaw and a teathered 196 Max & Sam 196 & Eagle Eye Harry Smith, Charles Shaw & group Heather Smith Mike Wills, Garry Dickson and Charles Shaw Charles Shaw and the California group Hangin' out in the hangar Three Smiths Playin' with the RC helicopter when they couldn't fly Mike Wills' 191 prior to assembly Joedy Gregory's 187 Launch line 4-29 Another launch line pic Pawnee towing Jim Schwager Del Blomquist getting some advice from Harry Baldwin prior to launch