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2015 CCSC Adult Camp and Vintage Glider Rally

This year's adult camp was combined with a vintage glider ralley that started out with low ceilings, poor Vis and a bust on Monday. But hope springs eternal, although the Weather Goddess might have been suffering a hang over on Tuesday as soaring was accomplished but lift was hard to find and light when you did find it. She showed us her fickle nature for the balance of the week, laying on glorious soaring conditions Wednesday and Thursday then casting out buoyant air on Friday beautifully clear but only the 1-26s were floating down at 100 fpm rather then 250 which is the usual no-lift descent rate.

At the end of the week both the Adult Camp and the Vintage Ralley had accumulated 100 flights that included one guest ride, one new CCSC member, two land outs, and 23 vintage flights. Of the vintage flying 12 flights were by club members and 11 were made by visiting vintage gliders. We had one vintage glider guider, Ron Schwartz, show up for a day in the sun with some old friends: Pat DeNaples and Bob Root. Ron suggested a 2016 Labor Day 1-26 Regional Contest at CCSC, using their Labor Day format which is a timed run around a 50 mile task with airports within 7 miles of the course. I'm thinking that's doable here at CCSC and suggest that we make it a date. More on this in the future.

The vintage glider task was a bit of nonsense but was easy enough to score. It depended upon the great character that all 1-26 pilots' posses, and another characteristic we hope they posses: honesty, since we did not use data loggers. (Since we couldn't count on these characteristics to be found in the Fast Vintage Class participants we created a separate class for them.) The task was, duration plus turn points around what we call "THE INNER COURSE." Try as often as you want throughout the week. We learned on Friday, that a well flown 1-26 released at 3K AGL just south of Stollies could make it around all three turn points (Stollies, Cubby's, the dam) and make it back to the field, but just barely, with no thermal help.

Vintage Ralley Results: 1st Place, Milt Moos 1-26E 19.5 pts. 2nd Place, Keith Kilpatrick (here ever after known as "Sandbagger") 2-33 13.5 pts. 3rd Place Larry Williams 1-26A 10.4 pts. 4th Place Steve Statkus 1-26C 9.9 pts. 5th Place Bob Herran 1-26 E 7.7 pts. 6th Place Bill Walker 1-26A 7.4 pts. In the Fast Vintage Class: 1st Place Dick Eckles HP 12.7 pts. 2nd Place Rolf Hegele Libelle 10 pts. 3rd Place Bob Townson Russia (aka 1-26F) 1.5 pts.

It was a great week that worked because those members who came out to fly, also came out to crew. Thanks to all, tow pilots, instructors, pilots and gawkers. It was all good. We'll do it again next year.

The following photo shows the tail of 242. Note the American and Lithuanian flags and the letters “FLAF Det 1.” This was a message to Putin to watch his step and don't even think about invading Lithuania because the Free Lithuanian Air Force Detachment 1 stands ready to protect and defend the Homeland. Well apparently Putin didn't like the threat because on Friday a gentleman unloaded the glider in the background. Coincidence or message?

It was a great time. 1-26'ers are just plain good folks to be around. We have more fun with our simple gliders than anyone else in the aviation community. Maybe the Aeronca guys run a close second. I know Larry Williams (1-26A) has fun with his Model A powered Piet that he brought to the Ralley.

Steve Statkus 242